Single Head

Single Head



The machine equipped with one or two operating spindle, slides on rails and the material to be polished is placed on a cement surface. The finishing of the slab takes place in various passages, replacing the abrasives (with increasingly thin grains) at each passage. Once the working cycle ends, the machine automatically returns to the starting position.

Technical Specifications


Main motor power 15 HP
Up-down stroke 125 mm
Bridge Motor Power 1 HP
Long Travel Motor Power 0.75 HP (2 NOS.)
Max. processing thickness 60
Max. polishing size (L x W) 3600 X 1600
Compressed air pressure  6 – 8 kg/cm2 (bar)
Water consumption 180 Liter / Hour
panel Fully Automatic Computerized, PLC & HMI Control System

Key features

  • Bridge Type Automatic Polishing Machine forStone.
  • Pneumatic Pressure System, Frankfurt Type Polishing Disc. Also can attach Velcro disc.
  • Four kind of polishing style: Longitude, Horizontal, Zigzag & Manual.
  • Variable Polishing speed with A.C.Drive& Electrical Motor.
  • Heavy Linear Guide & Rack – Pinion for Bridge Travelling.
  • Fully automatic except changing the abrasives.
  • Auto function PLC Controller with push buttons.
  • Cast iron Bridge & Heavy Structure.
  • Foundation Not Required.
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